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Package Design

Illustration & Digital Art

Brand Identity

Campaign Design

The artists at Ultra are consumed with finding the best way to visually express the inherent drama in any given brand proposition. We work hard to create hardworking art. Arresting, indelible, unignorable art. And we can talk straight about its value and function. We can also work fast. Very, very fast. Our record for remaining accountable to timelines while producing remarkable design is second to none.


Campaign Idea & Activation

Brand Positioning

Culture & Trend Analysis

Visual Strategy

Bringing an idea to the world stage requires a confident level of leadership, a firm grasp of culture and trends, and a capacity for high-level visionary thinking. Our strategic capability values the voices of consumers today with a forward-looking attitude to create long-lasting brand relevancy. We've proven our ability to elevate ideas that break the norms of everyday thinking while maintaining a level of brand stewardship and mission control uncommon to other firms.


Product Development

Brand Building

Campaign Platforms

Brand Immersion

To get the right answers you have to ask the right questions, which requires a custom approach to tackle your brand’s unique challenges. Whether it’s internal brainstorms or client collaborations, Ultra knows how to imagine, absorb, capture, twist and refine ideas that are right for your strategy. Our Ultrasphere was built specifically to facilitate collaboration between clients and our creative teams, resulting in successful new products and share-strengthening campaigns.


Brand Storytelling

Product & Promotional News

Interactive Play

Surround & Experience

The intersection of consumer awe and brand news is where we live. We believe every opportunity should give consumers a reason to notice, engage, and remember the brand. Universal truths and insightful observations about human behavior come back to make engagement meaningful, interesting and real. We dig deep on how a brand gets on top of consumers' favorites list, and tell a story that's worth their time.