Ultra Curious: Kernza Taste Test


Ultra Curious - Kernza®

Is it just us, or is everyone talking about Kernza®? This perennial wheatgrass developed by The Land Institute holds a lot of potential as a food ingredient to mitigate the effects of climate change. Unlike annual wheats, Kernza grows deep roots that take hold of soil and keeps it from wearing away, as well as taking in more carbon dioxide from the air. And because it’s a perennial, that means no crop tilling which leads to better soil health. Our love for Cascadian Farm and eagerness to see sustainable food options peaked our curiosity. So we purchased a limited edition Cascadian Farm Honey Toasted Kernza and put it out for the Ultralites to taste.

KernArtboard 2.jpg
KernArtboard 6.jpg
KernArtboard 8.jpg

The consensus was that everyone liked it, thought it was tasty, and appreciated the touch of sweetness and crunch and recommended it as a great option for breakfast.

You can purchase your own box on the Fundly page and help support the farmers and researchers at The Land Institute who are creating a climate-beneficial food system.