Expo West 2019


Ultra attended Expo West last week and it’s looking like a big year for CBD, plant-based anything, and functional nutrition. Up and coming trends like melatonin, healthified kid food, and better-for-you alcoholic beverages are clearly gaining momentum. The trends that are still big but evolving: Cauliflower, Collagen, and Grain-Free. But more on all that soon - we’re currently writing our annual Ultra Food Trends book which will have the full scoop of we’ve seen and heard in the food world this year. For your free copy of our annual food trends magazine, fill out the form below and we'll get it in the mail when it's published in early July.

Outside of trend hunting and sampling delicious food and beverage, the stand out experience was taking in the brand and design sophistication today. Booths were strategically designed for visitor experience and Instagrammability, using design personality and behind-the-booth personalities to draw you in using all the senses. The sophistication of brand design was unexpected given where it was even a year ago, and shows just how much traction visual design has gained in the business world. Expo West is no longer just about products and trends in the organic and natural sector – it’s a destination for design inspiration.

Here is a sampling of the great design and innovative products we saw that made us pause while doing the trade show shuffle: